Products and competences

Sustainable labels

Our use of natural resources is governed by the principle of “avoidance before reduction before recycling before disposal”.  As a direct consequence, we always make a point of thinking through the environmental impact of new processes and products in advance. This pioneering combination of environmental protection with the ability to identify potential and save costs was also a decisive factor in CARINI’s achievement of EN ISO 14001 certification.

Making a joint contribution to sustainability
Sustainability begins with selecting the right material and ends with the proper disposal of the leftover material. We can provide you with environmentally-friendly solutions for both.

Our environmentally-friendly labels will help you to win over your customers. When products or brands rely on their clear biological conscience, then the packaging also becomes a pivotal selling point.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity of our products – and get in touch with us to discover all the possibilities. You can find your contacts HERE.



Hot or cold-foil embossing gives your products a premium appearance. CARINI embosses gold, silver and a wide range of colour shades along with different textures and holographic patterns. Blind embossing creates an irresistible urge to reach out and touch the label. Logos, images and text can be raised, automatically drawing attention to the product. Relief embossing combines the optical effect of blind embossing with the gloss effect of hot-foil embossing. Another unusual way of accentuating your label is micro-embossing, which involves printing filigree structures onto the surface.

Varnishing not only protects the surface of a label but can also be used as a design element. The use of matt, gloss and glitter varnishes opens up a whole range of options for enhancing the value and originality of your label. 3D varnishing adds a tactile dimension for a lasting impression. Laminating provides reliable protection against harmful effects such as chemicals or abrasion.


Material effects

Transparency, texture & gloss
High-transparency foils can create the fascinating illusion that the image is printed directly on the container (“no-label look”). In the case of transparent containers, the contents can also be incorporated into the design to great effect.

Other visual highlights such as metallic looks can be readily achieved with textured or glossy materials.

Real wood labels made of birch or cherry wood, stone or velvet materials
Their presence at the point of sale and later with the consumer goes far beyond the visual range and appeals to almost all human senses. The encounter with the product thus becomes an all-round fascinating experience.

Space galore

Key facts and figures about the product, directions for use, multilingual texts, prize draws and so on.... often there just isn’t enough space on the label to fit in all the necessary information. CARINI offers you solutions that provide scope to communicate all the essentials to your customers.

Multilayer – With a multi-layered structure, you have several pages over which to spread detailed texts and images. While the basic label is affixed to the product, the upper peel-off label can be quickly and easily opened and closed again via a handy tab.

Label roll – This peel and reseal strip label is wrapped around the product. The length of the label is tailored to the required amount of information.

Booklet – A fan-folded leaflet consisting of up to 36 pages. The booklet is resealable, forming a compact unit with the container.

Product tag – Product tags are an eye-catching and therefore highly attractive labelling option. In the case of bottles, for example, design options range from a simple cut-out for the bottle neck to a premium corded solution for high visual impact.

Special functions

Numbering – personalisation
Security labels, promotions, prize draws, serial barcodes and (lot) numbering, etc. – whatever the purpose, we can supply labels tailored precisely to your needs.

Special die-cutting - Internal die-cutting - Back printing
Whether it's cut-outs in different places or impressive effects with fascinating depth effect - internal punching and reverse-side printing open up completely new design possibilities and let you shine in daily competition.

Banderole – closing label – perforation
Closing labels and banderoles are used where the label serves as a tamper-evident device or for resealing the product. Perforation allows the product to be opened at a defined point.

In-mould product decoration
In-mould labels are extremely resistant to abrasion and chemicals. The printed and die-cut foil is placed in the mould prior to the injection moulding process, where it fuses with the injected plastic.


This involves overprinting variable information on a pre-printed label, a prime example being vintages on wine bottles.

Laser coding
Laser coding or inkjet printing provides an easy way of adding vintages or product/lot numbers to existing labels.

Thermal transfer ribbons
Thermal transfer ribbons are available in different colours and qualities. For an optimal print quality, the print ribbon, printer type and label material must be mutually compatible. Ribbon qualities include resin, wax/resin (hybrid) and wax. The choice of the ideal thermal transfer ribbon depends crucially on the specific application. This can range from simple logistics labels to high-quality wine labels.

Graphics & design

Individual creative consulting
For us, consulting signifies partnership and this starts before the making of your labels. We will help you with the choice of the adequate printing process and material if you already have a design for your labels. Our customer service is trained to find the perfect technical and economical solution for you.

Graphic & design
Do you wish for an idea which isn’t off the rack, but unique labels which will enthuse and fascinate your customers instead? Do you need labels or packaging? Are you looking for a new corporate design or a packaging concept? Do you wish for a point of sale display or advertising including public relations text?
We will be happy to recommend a creativ head from our network who is in your region, who will work on a cost effective and adequate solution for you.